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Boo! - Hogwarts 2005 Out of Character Board

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September 10th, 2005

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07:21 pm - Boo!
Sod it all, I hadn't realized we had sort of started up. My bad. I'll try to think of something to write, because I really want to be a part of this!

Edit: I posted, but I'm not sure of the structure of the class, the teachers, who takes what with who, etc. Can we please have some clarification on that? Thanks.

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Date:January 14th, 2006 07:12 am (UTC)
Hey, I was wondering if you were interested in joining my RP site. Its harry potter like. Its not hogwarts, but its the wizarding school in america. Were a great growing site, and we have lots of teaching positions open and we have four great houses. Check it out if your interested.




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