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May 31st, 2005

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07:55 pm - Mod Post
Hello everyone. I'm happy to see everyone that has returned and to welcome the new members to the community.

This is just a quick update on the proceedings.

Also in case you don't know yet, I am happy to welcome the dedicated and talented Summer (thesploggyist) as your new co-mod. She plays curious_forever, estella_star, midnight_music, and kool_kaylin and can be reached at sploggy@comcast.net.

I'm sure some of you have been wondering how this is all going to work. Well, first of all the plot will start rolling shortly after we have seven active members (we currently have six I believe). However feel free to start posting and chatting/RPGing with other characters until then. The site is played in real time so Summer vacation will be starting soon. Summer will probably be played out fairly close to cannon. All the characters will go home (or wherever they intend to spend the summer) and the school will close until September. However (hopefully) none of you will be bored because this is when the plot will really kick in (spoiler) and the new dark Lord/Lady will make his/her first appearance (well sort of).

Also a quick request to everyone. Make sure that you have joined and friended hogwarts_05. Also take a quick look at it's information page and make sure that your characters are all there and your information is correct. If you haven't filled out the character list (three posts below) please comment on it with your form whenever you get a chance. Also please make sure you have all of the characters listed below friended (and no one else at the moment).


If I've forgotten your name, I apologize. Please comment below or write me an email and tell me. Also if you character's name is on the list and you no longer wish to play them, please tell me and I will take them off.

Thank you. :)


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