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May 30th, 2005

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06:01 pm - Master Character List Part II
Since the site is starting over again I thought it would be nice to reuse Summer's idea. So please fill out all the questions. You don't have to write a novel (unless you want to of course) but please try and answer all of them, even if it's only a sentence for each. Make sure you fill out one for every character you play.

Thank you guys. :)

Basic Personality:
Quick History:
Basic/General mood:

Your name (what you want to be known by):
Your age (optional):
Your time zone:
Anything else?:

I'll post another one every couple of months if you need to change anything.

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Date:June 1st, 2005 12:49 pm (UTC)
Name: Genneveive Valjean

Age: 16

Year: 6th

House: Slytherin

Appearance: She's quite plain: brown eyes and brown hair, and considers herself so. She's so regular, she finds it funny.

Basic Personality: She's sweet, which is an irregular quality considering her house. Just because she's nice, doesn't mean she won't do whatever it takes to get to the top. She is extremely determined. She dislikes Quidditch, and isn't much on school spirit, though she doesn't mind balls and feasts at all. She's a bookworm, and is a bit elitist, which is also a flaw that shows often. Genna can trip over herself just as much as the next person, but adapts well. She's a little naive, and innocent for her age, but what she knows she uses to her advantage.

Quick History: She's the adopted child of a muggle couple, as her parents died when she was very young in a rather nasty car accident. She doesn't remember much of them, and considers her adopted parents her real parents, though she does wish she could have known what they were like. Genna is happy with what she has, and fortunate that her muggle parents (good friends of her actual mother and father) are accepting of her magical abilities, and agreed to send her to Hogwarts on the condition that she earned good marks before she left, in muggle school.

Quidditch?: "She dislikes Quidditch, and isn't much on school spirit".

Dating/Crush: None as of yet. Her priorities lie with her schoolwork.

Pets: One stubborn barnowl named Elphaba, and a Siamese cat called Frog

Talents: She has an exceptional memory. She is able to write very well, and is a fairly good broom rider, though she doesn't consider it a talent, but just a neccessary ability.

Interests: Genna reads whatever she can get her hands on, in good taste, that is. She writes well, but is terrible at drawing and painting. She loves history, both muggle and magic, above all else.

Basic/General mood: Content, or oblivious.


Other: She is Halfblooded, and has an irrational fear of nightmares, often waking screaming in the middle of the night, much to her dormmates dismay.

Your name (what you want to be known by): Anna

Your age (optional):

Your time zone: Central (US)

Anything else?:

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