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May 30th, 2005

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06:01 pm - Master Character List Part II
Since the site is starting over again I thought it would be nice to reuse Summer's idea. So please fill out all the questions. You don't have to write a novel (unless you want to of course) but please try and answer all of them, even if it's only a sentence for each. Make sure you fill out one for every character you play.

Thank you guys. :)

Basic Personality:
Quick History:
Basic/General mood:

Your name (what you want to be known by):
Your age (optional):
Your time zone:
Anything else?:

I'll post another one every couple of months if you need to change anything.

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Date:May 31st, 2005 04:32 pm (UTC)
Name: Tirizhian Vendvmagli
Age: 16 (I changed it because the year's almost over and I don't want him to graduate already)
Year: 6
House: Ravenclaw
Appearance: T-A-L-L, rail thin with dirty blonde hair and gray eyes. Boyish looking, but mildly attractive.
Basic Personality: Zhian is a big flirt but is also a gentleman (despite what he usually lets on). He opens doors for girls, and even stands up when they leave the table. He can even be very "knight in shining armor" at times. In all honesty he's never had a girlfriend and has never even gotten up the nerve to seriously ask someone out. He's lazy and was put in Ravenclaw because he is really intelligent but he never studies or does any work. He is a decent guy who puts on an act of being overly confidant because he's really very self-conscious. He doesn't like being disliked and puts a lot of effort into getting people to like him.
Quick History: Zhian is his parents' favorite child (being the only boy). He hates this position in his family because it comes along with a lot of coddling and babying from his mother and responsibility to his father. He does not get along well with his sister Anya (a former Slytherin a year below the famous Trio) and never has. This mostly stems from the fact that they both envy the other's position in the family. Anya, as much as she denies it would love to be the favorite of her parents whereas Zhian would die to be the so called forgotten child. His family is a classic Slytherin family (despite the fact his sister was the first to actually attend Hogwarts..his father and mother having attended and met at Drumstrang, unfortunately while his father was teaching there) although they are all too cowardly to actually join the Death Eaters when they were around. However, their family strongly supports the Dark Arts (his father being a former professor of it), they did not care much when Zhian was sorted into Ravenclaw. They took it as a sign that he was not only sly but also intelligent.
Qudditch?: None. Vertigo...severe.
Dating/Crush: None/Unknown
Pets: An OWL named Tawny. Very uncreative, but Zhian just loves the name. The cat he got when he was eleven was also named Tawny.
Talents: Dancing, flirting, alphabetizing
Interests: Girls, liquor, animals, Martin Miggs
Basic/General mood: Upbeat/flirtatious
Friends?: The Ravenclaws (except Adrianne...on her part at least) and a couple of people from other houses (including some Slytherins). Outside of school, Jean Louis a recent graduate of Beuxbatons who lives/lived less then five miles away from Zhian's family's summer home in Brittany, France.
Other: He strongly dislikes his father but likes his mother a lot. He looks up to his older sister since she turned out relatively well-adjusted (for their family anyway) even though she claims to hate him. It always makes him sad that his sister and him don't get along. His mother is an alcoholic (in the classic socialite way) and started sending him a bottle of gin once a month from fourth year on. He makes it last but sometimes sneaks a bit of firewhiskey that he gets from an undisclosed location. His family's rule has always been "do whatever you want behind closed doors as long as you don't disgrace us in public".

Your name (what you want to be known by): Shenala
Your age (optional): 16
Your time zone: EST
Anything else?: Not much.

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