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May 30th, 2005

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06:01 pm - Master Character List Part II
Since the site is starting over again I thought it would be nice to reuse Summer's idea. So please fill out all the questions. You don't have to write a novel (unless you want to of course) but please try and answer all of them, even if it's only a sentence for each. Make sure you fill out one for every character you play.

Thank you guys. :)

Basic Personality:
Quick History:
Basic/General mood:

Your name (what you want to be known by):
Your age (optional):
Your time zone:
Anything else?:

I'll post another one every couple of months if you need to change anything.

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Date:May 31st, 2005 03:57 pm (UTC)
Name: Melinda Rose
Age: 15
Year: 5
House: Gryffindor
Appearance: Mel is blonde with blue eyes. She's petite (5'0") and still has baby fat but is pretty curvaceous. She dresses casually but nicely and doesn't wear a lot of makeup.
Basic Personality: Mel is outgoing and says everything that's on her mind. She has no inner monologue and can therefore be brutally honest sometimes. Mel likes to know things and is a major gossip. She can be pretty prissy sometimes so it surprises people to see her on the Quidditch field. She definitely has a tom boy side.
Quick History: Mel's mother and father divorced when she was three years old. Her mother moved to New Jersey in the USA and her father stayed in England. When Mel was ten, her father remarried. Mel gained a new stepmother and brother. Her father has custody but she spends a few weeks every summer visiting her mother.
Qudditch?: Beater
Dating/Crush: None at the moment
Pets: Too many to list (her mom's a vet). However she has a magical black rat with blue eyes named Finnigan that she brings to school with her.
Talents: Quidditch, being honest, Potions
Interests: Journalism, Quidditch, Potions
Basic/General mood: Chatty
Friends?: Kay/Rantoul (I'm sorry, I just assumed. If you disagree, then please tell me and I'll change it.)
Other: Mel's mother is a Cuban born Muggle and works as a veterinarian. Her father is British and a pureblood. Being the first born in his family he inherited most of his parents' estate when they died so Mel and him have lived very comfortably for years. Mel's stepmother is also a pureblood and worked as a marketing executive at the Nimbus factory up until recently. Her first husband died two years before she married Melinda's father. They also had a lot of money and her husband left her a LOT of money when he passed away. Her son therefore is very spoiled and when he starts at Hogwarts in three years will certainly be placed into Slytherin (like his mother and father). Mel and her stepmother get along pretty well since she is a very nice woman. However Mel thinks her stepbrother in the spawn of Satan. Although he almost is since his actual father was once a Death Eater.

Your name (what you want to be known by): Shenala (Nala's fine)
Your age (optional): 16
Your time zone: EST
Anything else?: Okay well I'm a brunette with a short, curly almost-bob and brown eyes. I'm really shy online and in real life. I'm a big Moulin Rouge!, Jimmy Stewart, Ewan McGregor, The OC, American Dreams, and (at the moment) Battle Royale fan.

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